Tassie NE to SW

Cradle Mtn to Hobart

Long drive yesterday heading south from Cradle Mountain through the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers area, across the the southern savannas of Tasmania to Hobart.

Doneghy's Hill

Another beautiful day.

Stopped for to stretch my legs on some brief bush walks; one at Nelson Falls, and another at Doneghy's Hill.

[At left: the view from Doneghy's Hill.]

Crossed a lot of country, from the rugged hills around cradle mountain into the rain forests full of giant ferns, across broad grassy plains bounded by stands of eucalyptus.

More photos will come later, over at my home page. For now, here are a few glimpses.

[Below right: a stand of eucalyptus trees.]


The road was narrow with no shoulder in most places, but in really good condition. And almost no traffic - every few minutes I would pass a vehicle going the other way, and once or twice I passed or allowed to pass another vehicle going my way.

Got into Hobart at about 7:30 PM - turned what would have been a 5-hour drive into a 9-hour trip, but the stops and detours were worth it.

Up early this morning to shoot some photos around the harbor at sunrise.

Hobart harbor sunrise.