A few views of Hong Kong

Back from 10 days in Hong Kong for a photo shoot. The photos won't be on the market until late Summer, but between the fashion shots, while the models were getting their makeup done or their wardrobe changed, I had a moment here and there to "look around" with the camera.

Cyberport is a large modern complex of buildings "around the corner" on the western side of Hong Kong island [Victoria Harbor lies between the north shore of the island and Kowloon which lies on the southern side of the mainland]. It is a government technology inclubator initiative, described as a "creative digital community", with "intelligent" office buildings, a five-star hotel, and a complex of retail and amusement venues.


A rather large panorama from Cyberport, looking south over the waterfront park towards the deluxe residential complex of Blair House. The inset shows the size of the panorama, which would create a print almost 5 feet across at a resolution of 300 pixels/inch.

Over in the New Territories is a place called "Nam Sung Wai". If you work at it, you can take photos that have actual natural objects - grass, trees, water - in the background. But it is a dismal place - trash everywhere, scum on the water, and mostly trampled, crushed, or burned. I felt sorry for the waterbirds - the fish must taste awful.

Name Sung Wai

Nam Sung Wai

Another place, like so many in Asia, that shows the effects of the fast-growing crush of humanity - too many of us, and too little left of anything else.