The videos below put it all together - imagery and music.  I think the combination can be more powerful than either medium on its own.

Sky Poem

"Sky Poem" is an orchestral piece of music that I wrote to celebrate the sky and the mountains.  The imagery is put together from a series of time-lapse photos I shot from the same location near the little town of Lyons, Colorado.

The music is massive and majestic with big strings - and big horns - just like the mountain goats that occasionally come down the slopes to drink from the streams in my neighborhood!

Amagi-san Doro

"Amagi-san Doro" is music I composed as a reminiscence of the many wonderful and inspiring walks I took in the mountains between the coastal town of Kawazu and the town of Shuzenji, both on the Izu Penninsula of Japan.  The imagery comes from photos I took on these hikes in the mountains.  To see many more photos from this beautiful area, visit my photo galleries.

"Amagi-san Doro" is written 天城山道路 in Japanese. Meaning "Amagi Mountain Road". "Amagi" is a place name made up of the characters for "sky" and "castle".

The tune is peaceful, contemplative, and evocative of the sounds made by two traditional Japanese instruments: the koto, a plucked instrument resembling a zither or harp, and the shakuhachi, a wooden flute.