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Tassie, here I come.

Within a few days - back to mid-summer.

Tokyo to HK to Melbourne

Two flights totalling over 10 thousand kilometers. South. First from Tokyo to just across the Tropic of Cancer to Hong Kong, then the long haul from Hong Kong to Melbourne, crossing the equator around Indonesia's Molucca Sea. Southward, southward, crossing the northern coast of Australia around Darwin.  Down, down, and under with the last third of the eight-and-a-half-hour flight over the Australian outback.

Then, after a few days in Melbourne, a ferry ride to the end of the civilized world - the other end.  The island of Tasmania.

It will be mid-summer there, but I expect some cool weather and maybe even some rain, especially on the western side of the island.

And, I'm hoping for some open roads, some long hikes, some clean air, and some good views.

If I can, I'll post some photos along the way.