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Summer is over.

Yes, there will be more warm and sunny days here as Japan slowly slides towards Winter.  We'll have some typhoon action until the moist summer air from the south gives way to more westerly winds from off the Korean peninsula and the drier air improves visibility and comfort.

Here along the coast of the Izu Peninsula, there will still be flowers in bloom and plenty of insect and animal activity into late November, and I am looking forward to some more hikes, and chances to do some more macro photography of small plants and animals.

But today it is cool, breezy, and rainy, so since I am stuck inside anyway, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at some of the images I captured this summer.

You can do so by clicking HERE, or on the link at right to the "Summer is over" photo gallery.  It's just under the "Navigation" label.