At around 7000 feet, in the Big Elk Meadows area west of Lyons, CO.  Some species were feeding on flowers, others on the sap of trees or the damp ground in the bottom of the gulch.

Hoary Comma, Polygonia gracilus

Lupine Blue (Plebejus icarioides)

Lupine Blue, Plebejus icarioides


Perhaps Speyeria atlantis, the Atlantis Fritillary.

Callophrys gryneus (Cedar Hairstreak)

Cedar Hairstreak, Callophrys gryneus

Streamside Checkerspot (Chlosyne nycteis)

Streamside Checkerspot, Chlosyne nycteis


White Admiral, Limenitis arthemis

Small blue butterflies.

Lupine Blues, Plebejus icarioides, and Silver-studded Blues, Plebejus acmon, gather to feed on nutrient-rich water in a drying stream bed.