Enroute Australia - Tokyo to Hong Kong

Rolling onto Runway 34L at Narita.We departed Narita from Runway 34L - heading northwest, and made a right turn-out to the southwest and flew back towards Tokyo, passing to the south of the city.

On the right side where I was sitting there were some great views out the window over Tokyo. The image below - my iPhone doing its best in the dark [1/15th of a second, F/2.8, ISO 1000] - isn't very good, but you can get a sense of the view.

At the center of the photo is Tokyo Tower, and just to the left of the word "Tokyo" you can make out the massive and tall building that is Roppongi Hills. The dark areas just to the right of the word "Tower" are the grounds of the Imperial residence and Chiyoda-ku, the heart of Tokyo. And on the western and northern perimeter, the brightly-lit districts of Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro, connected by the Yamanote line - the train loop that encircles the city.

Looking north towards central Tokyo.

Onward towards Hong Kong - flight time 4 hours 50 minutes. I have flown this route many times over the last 3 years, but never this late in the day. So, no chance to see Mt. Fuji, or anything much at all except city lights, until we reach the southern end of the Japanese islands and head out over the ocean towards Taiwan, and Hong Kong beyond.

This route takes us over the city of Hong Kong as we descend towards the new airport on Lantau Isand. The weather was nice enough this evening for a great view - but the cabin lights were amped up too far to even try to get a photo of that beautiful skyline tonight.

Next step - the long flight to Adelaide and then Melbourne.