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Toad Lily in bloom

Time lapse of a Japanese Toad Lily [Tricyrtus sp.] blossoming.  There are two video clips of separate flowers - one from the side, another from above.   These flowers are quite small - only about 3 cm across when fully open.

Morning in Moraine Park

Watch the light descend from Stones Peak and the mountains on the Continental Divide, down into Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park.

While I was shooting the time-lapse movie above, there was plenty to look at on the ground: 

"Shooting Star",  Dodecatheon pulchellum.

"Shooting Star", Dodecatheon pulchellum.

"Western Blue Flag", or Mountain Iris.

"Western Blue Flag", or Mountain Iris.

Lookiing West across Moraine Park.

Lookiing West across Moraine Park.