A bit of classical: "Aspenglen"


When I was growing up, my parents and two sisters and I lived in a pretty small house.  But it had an unfinished basement, and my Dad gradually built that out into a family room, workspace, laundry room, and a bedroom and bath for me.

When I was about six or seven years old, he was completing his Ph.D. in physics, and would always study in the new bedroom, often well past my bed time.  So I often fell asleep with him just a few feet away, his books illuminated by a small desk lamp, and with the radio always tuned to the classical FM station.

Mom was the musical talent in the family, sang in a semi-professional choir, and was often called upon to sing at weddings at our church.  Dad couldn't carry a tune, but loved listening to music.  Mom was the one that made the kids take piano lessons, but I wonder if Dad's contribution to my love of music was having the radio on as I was falling asleep.

Anyway, I have always liked a lot of classical music, especially Handel and Bach.  I worked out this tune many years ago when I was learning to play guitar, and finally sat down and recorded it.  It's a very straight-laced Baroque-sounding piece.

It really never had a name, but I decided to name it after a favorite hiking spot - a place where the morning sun filters through a grove of Aspen trees.  So now it's called "Aspenglen".