Bald eagles

My usual commute has been carefully chosen to take me through farmland, horse pastures, and the occasional cluster of suburban dwellings - "the road less traveled by", as it were. Although I hardly get the car up to 50 mph at all along the route, it still only takes half an hour, and is a peaceful, contemplative, and mostly scenic drive. Nothing to do to get from point A to point B except watch the road and listen to the radio.

From time to time I have glimpsed what I thought was an unusually bulky bird flying low over the fields and wondered if it was an owl or an eagle, but have never been close enough to tell. That changed a couple of days ago when passed directly under an adult bald eagle sitting in a tree at the edge of one of the small lakes I pass.

So yesterday I geared up and left the house a little early, and spent an hour or so watching the TWO eagles take the occasional pass over the lake and come back to their favorite perches at the shore. It was completely overcast, so the light was no good, but I got a couple of shots anyway.

I am going out early again this morning - it is going to be a clear day and I hope the eagles are there.