Video clips looking at Mount Meeker and Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA.

None of these clips are accompanied by sound - if you'd like to see a few videos set to music, check out my music page.

16 Sep 2012: a high layer of cirrus clouds flies over a slower-moving layer of cumulus.   The whole sequence covers about three-and-a-half hours between 4:52 and 8:26 PM.

3 Aug 2012: Another spectacular sunset. 

2 Aug 2012: A full moon floats among the broken clouds before setting over the Continental Divide. 

28 July 2012: Stars fade and a mackerel sky is illuminated by the rising sun.  Mount Meeker and Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

27 July 2012: The rising sun paints some wispy cirrus clouds above the Continental Divide. 

25 July 2012: Afternoon clouds over Long's Peak and Mount Meeker, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. 

17 Jul 2012: Sunset splashes bands of light over the Continental Divide. 

10 Mar 2012: The moon sets over Lyons, Colorado, just after sunrise. 

Rotor clouds form over the Continental Divide as the rising sun strikes Mount Meeker and Long's Peak.